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Memento Mori

The journey is the dream of an absence. In September of 2010 I left Greece to chase my dream in England. The imaginary, fabricated Other of the western world ceased to be the “other”. From the very first day, words and images formed a new language; a haven for thoughts, concerns, feelings that accompany the difficult and personal experience of displacement. Over time, this have shifted into a space for searching through deeper and more personal reasons behind the larger social phenomenon of immigration. 


The constant movement between my homeland and the new country created the need for a narrative. Fragile and fragmentary meditations took shape lending importance and meaning to the search and attempt for redefining myself in another reality, imaginary or not.


Memento Mori was never an end to itself. It began as a blog and ended up as a handmade book. In all its stages it remained sincere and spontaneous, following the natural trajectory of the journey. Perhaps it constitutes an exploration of the space between the personal and the social, between stories of escape and exile - a situation between the new diaspora of recent years and a personal self-exile.


Memento Mori won the Birgit Skiöld Memorial Trust Award during the 2012 London Art Book Fair and was donated to the collection of the National Art Library Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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